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Halloween Spider Wreath

Its been a while since I’ve Posted anything worth while, so to kick off the upcoming Holiday Season Frenzy I’ve got a simple and fun to do Halloween Wreath! This Idea stemmed from a pin I found on Pinterest, and sold here on Etsy

When I saw that wreath, I thought it would be so awesome to turn that one single flower into an awesome Spider and use some good ole Halloween Colors!

To start I used a package of Orange card stock cut into quarters, to get 4 flowers per sheet. Then I cut random spirals into the quartered pages of the card stock. the less perfect the swirl is the more unique the rose turns out! So I added a little wave pattern in my cutting habits. Starting with the outside edge of the spiral I rolled the paper till a lil rose formed. The card stock held up pretty well so I didn’t bother gluing the bottoms of the roses to keep them from unraveling.

Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…Repeat… till you go cross eyed! For my Big Black Spider, I did the same thing, but I used a 12×12 black card-stock skeet! I wanted it to be BIG! For this wreath I used a flat wreath board… Honestly you can use any kind or wreath you want… I just had this left over from previous crafting projects.

Once I decided I had enough flowers rolled up. I started Hot gluing the flowers to the board. I started with the Black flower and then started building off of it. Positioning the flowers as close together as possible because I was lazy and didn’t paint/spray paint the wreath board orange. When I got all the flowers positions and glued on, I went ahead and used some black fuzzy pipe cleaners for legs on the spider. I just put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the pip cleaner and shoved it into the flower and held it till it dried, and bent them too look more leg like.

Round 1! So I wasn’t as pleased with it as I thought I would be. SO I tried again, and decided to get back to step one and cut out more orange roses to give it a more full filling. So I did just that…

Build onto it till you’re happy with the look of it! Cheap Simple, and easy enough to have the little ones help out!


Good Luck with yours! If you make one please post I would Love to see them!


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