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Super Hero Birthday Party!


So I have been a terrible blogger, I am currently building my own Jewelry business and that just takes up so much of my time, but I HAVE to share my little man’s birthday party! This year was a total Success, and I am so happy with the turn out! We had a few no shows but this year has been the greatest turn out so far, and Tristin had Such a blast… I am already starting to dream about next years party!


Like always I design and make my own birthday cards, and this year was no different. Once we finished debating on whether or not to throw an Angry Birds party or go all out Super Heroes, Super Heroes won as we were shopping one day. Since we were not doing anyone specific, and I now know there is a serious NO NO to combining DC and Marvel comics (oops!), I went with a comic book theme. I did my design 100% digital, this year with Photoshop, I wanted to add a little POP and depth to it so edged the edges with black ink pads, and cut out some beautiful red card stock with dots on it and edged that as well. Matched it with a navy envelop from the local paper shop and I was set! If you would like a digital copy, I would be happy to share with you, send me a message!


3 days before the party I started prepping, Cake pops! So much easier than I had ever imagined… and as long as you keep the design of them simple, they are a huge hit with everyone! I actually used a cake pop pan. Made my life making these so simple, and each one was the same shape and size! I used an “As Seen on TV” one and the only Tips and Tricks I used after researching online was this. #1 Add an extra egg to your cake batter. #2 Dip your pop stick into a little bit of your melted color and then insert into the pop. Then put it in the freezer… I did it for about 10 min or so. Once its hardened its time to dip the whole thing! Move over dipped pretzels I will probably make these again, and again, and again!

   IMG_20130323_0044512     IMG_20130323_0044142

The night before the party I made the Mini cup cakes! I had NO idea just how many I would end up with… I was expecting like 30ish, and wound up with over 70! I was sending cake pops home left and right! I used white cake box, and regular whip cream as the icing. I figured I am serving tons of sugar I should go as light as possible. My only problem was this… earlier in the week, for Tristin’s Actual birthday, I made him a bad piggies cake, with the same icing. And we store our cool whip in the freezer… not sure why- But we do. So when I added the food coloring, the whole thing just turned to soup, took me about 4 wasted tubs to figure it out… lesson learned. So if you are like me… refrigerate your cool whip a day before you try to color it! AND no matter how much red you add… it will always be pink.

    IMG_20130323_1359562    IMG_20130323_184039

On top of cake pops and mini cup cakes, We put out Rock Candies… (we followed a tutorial online to make them ourselves 2 weeks in advance, and well… our cake pops finally started to crystallize on the 10th day and are all still 2 small to do anything with them!) so I ran to the party store and picked some up. Gumballs, Red Sixlets, White Cheese Pop Corn, Sliced Green Apples, and of Course Cake! I have a wonderfully talented girlfriend who makes my sons cake every year! How lucky am I?! Given my bad piggies failure of a cake earlier in the week… I am so great full she knows her stuff!


I am well known for my great goody bags! I LOVE doing them, and hate putting meaningless useless toys in them. So this year I paid attention to the dollar store Items, and hot spot clearance etc. With all the movies, super heroes are everywhere right now, thankfully! If I calculate it out I probably spent about $10 – $12 on each one. I am a Michael’s shopper and am there weekly, something that irritates my husband… but I’m a junkie…what can I say?! I picked up the canvas bags for $2 – $3 dollars depending on the store location, also they have TONS of Super Hero stuff right now in the fun zone! Usually all that stuff is between $1 and $3. That’s where I got the coloring books, the crayons, the small deck of playing cards, and the skate board. I didn’t want to end up with tons of sixlets and gumballs as I bought huge tubs of them, I used baker bags and made individual give aways for each! Printed up some labels from card stock, they were a little time consuming, but a little extra detail adds a lot to the party. The Pop rocks, and Ring pops came from the local dollar store (4 for a $1), along with the cool little square wash cloth! They expand when you put them in water. I LOVED these as a kid. Printed up some Iron on hero logos and names and voila bags!

    IMG_20130323_0522542     IMG_20130323_1401322

Once I got all of them put together I couldn’t find a way to display them or set them up so that the contents didn’t spill out everywhere… SO after a little thought I remembered we have some old shower curtain hooks! Yes we have a dresser in the living room too… Our house is very small with no closets! Seriously. So you get a little creative when it comes to finding some place to store your linens! I cracked the top drawer and the hooks worked out perfectly. I organized them too so that siblings bags were located next to one another! And girls bags of course had pink logos.

And what’s a party without balloons and streamers?! This is my Husbands LEAST favorite part! He is terrified of balloons, big baby. And I am just to short to reach so it’s always put off till the last minute, but I insist on it! Here is a helpful tip, because I do the streamers and balloons the same way every year. I have a nail in the corner of each room. So when I make my balloons I use a rubber band to bundle them together then another rubber band or 2 to link together… so all my husband has to do is hook the balloons to the nails that are already in the corners of the rooms! Huge time saver!

    IMG_20130323_0421032     IMG_20130323_184425

My Chalk board… a tutorial I never did blog about, but is super simple. I took a cheap frame from (ross maybe?) with an ugly painting I’d just never hang… flipped the painting over, and painted the back of the sturdy cardboard it was printed onto with chalk board paint! Voila my own HUGE chalkboard. I write something special for every holiday coming up, and this was no different. I decided to keep it *simple* and just did a character message. Good ole superman! If you want to do something similar but don’t have drawing talents… google a character in color book format, print. On the back of your printing rub chalk on it. Then place your paper on the chalk board and trace the printed outlines with a pencil and slight pressure, lift the picture and voila you have a character design on your chalk board that you can trace or color in with chalk!


Also in some of these pictures there was a last minute decoration element I added in… I had bought 2 sets of these with all different characters on them at Michael’s, planning to give them away. Oh how plans changed as I only had 8 cups and 18 kids were scheduled to show! Keeping costs low I brought them into my craft room and started plotting. In the end, I had some foam balls I wrapped in red tissue paper, and stuffed into each one. Then I took bamboo sticks and pattern card stock and cut out the #4 and random “POW” type of shapes, and wrote words like “Zap” “POW” “BOOM” “BANG” “CRASH” etc… on them and stuffed them in. Had I thought of this a week before I would have busted out the cricut, and went to town with layers, and more 3D elements. (Im crazy, I know) So there were 8 of these floating around throughout the house!


Entertainment… Oy! So with so many kids I skipped the whole role play and dress ups, and put together an activity table outside with pop corn and colors. It was a windy day, so I taped down comic strip Super Hero Characters and all the kids could color outside in the nice weather. As well we ordered a bounce house. and already have tons of outside play toys including a play house, kitchen set, sand and water table, and a kids climber with 3 slides and a tunnel. Plus riding toys/cars, balls…. they were all busy. Sill some made way to Tristins room to play with trains, planes, cars, puzzles, characters and so much more!

    IMG_11172     IMG_11192

All in all the day was very successful! And I still can’t believe how quickly my little man is growing! I just love him to pieces! It feels like he’s 4 going on 10 already!

Hope you get a little inspiration from our party! If you need any digital files or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or just post comments!


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