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Halloween Themed Keepsakes!

So I got the Idea to make Keepsake Tiles when I had this super awesome Mommy Friend. However She spent around $80 bucks to make a holiday plate each year for certain holidays to display in the wall anyways. To me that was just CRAZY when I could make my own year after year for less than 5 bucks… and that’s rounding up. Whats even better Is I typically make 4-5 of each one to pass out to Grand Parents, Great Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles! (If you are interested in the Wreath above you can view the How To)

My son Tristin LOVES when I pull out the Tiles, he knows whats coming!

To Start I purchased 3 different Box sizes of plain white ceramic tiles from home Depot. They are like 49 cents a piece if that and if you purchase the box they end up being cheaper. I bought boxes for 4×4, 6×6, and 6×7. I also purchased a drill bit that drills through glass & ceramics. Anyone in Home Depot can help you locate them. I bought a size range pack of 4 sizes for $6.

I’ll start with the Spider we created last year for Halloween 2011

Using a 6×7 plain white tile, I took a pile of them outside and spray painted them with left over can of orange spray paint I used for a previous project. There is NOTHING special about the Spray paint… it was most likely the cheapest can possible that was orange. I did 2 light coats of spray paint on the tiles and let it dry about 5 min between sprays. Then let dry for 20 min after the second coat. (I suggest Drilling your Holes into the Tiles previous to spray painting, to prevent chipping the paint you just sprayed on. Sometimes i remember sometimes I don’t… I never worry 2 much about it though because the ribbon usually will cover up any lil flaw.

For the Spider I used Tristin’s Hand, and a paint brush to spread elmers glue all over his hand, excluding his thumbs because spiders only have 8 legs (4 fingers from each hand). Press it to the tile facing one way, then re-apply glue to the same hand, and press again in the opposite direction lining up the palm in the same spot, or as close as you can get it with a 2yr old!

Once we finished making glue prints onto the tile I took some fine glitter (I personally use Martha Stewart glitters) and heavily sprinkled it onto to glue prints. I let dry for quite some time… I wanted it be all the way dry before I shook the excess glitter off. And Save your glitter!… its not cheap!!!

Using a fine point black sharpie I wrote “Tristin 2011” really small under the spider’s body, and “EEK!” really big on the tile positioning it to my liking.

After I was All done, I took the tiles back outside for another coat of Clear Gloss Spray Paint. Just to help prevent it from chipping in the future, and the glitter from spreading throughout the house.

Last Touches! I Added little wiggle eyes to the spider to make it fun. I put glue dots down and let Tristin press them on. And I added a Black Ribbon for hanging.


Halloween Tiles for 2012

We did 3 this year, cause lets face it… I couldn’t help myself to only do 1 a year, I came up with the ghost one last year and refrained from doing it till this year, so when I saw the Candy Corns…. I knew i couldn’t hold off a whole year to do it next year! yikes!

For these Tiles I spray painted plain white tiles (6×7) with plain black gloss spray paint, again nothing special….  just what was left over from a previous project. For these I did 3 light coats letting them dry about 5 min between and letting the tiles dry about 40 min after the last coat of paint.

Using 3 colors of acrylic crafting paint… I Painted my sons little feet 3 colors of the candy corn, and white for the ghost. I laid the paint on nice and thick because I wanted to make sure the white wouldn’t show up gray due to the black background, and pressed his feet to the tiles one at a time. Setting them aside we washed his feet and let him run to play. If your like me and make multiples for other family members I reapply paint between each pressing, so that the colors are vibrant, and you get a good imprint of the foot.

Once these were all Dry I used a white acrylic paint marker to write the words “Spooky!” and “Trick or Treat Smell My Feet!” on the tiles where I saw fit. I also used a fine point black sharpie to write “Tristin 2012” along the edge of Tristin’s footprint.

Like all my tiles I took them all outside when I was all finished and sprayed a coat of clear gloss on them all to help prevent from any scratches to them.

This time I failed to drill my holes before spray painting (oops) so once everything was dry I went ahead and Drilled the holes carefully and added my ribbon to the tiles for hanging.


Tristin Insisted we do one with his hands.

So to keep it simple I used the left over orange paints from the day before and painted his little hand orange, and he pressed his hands to the tiles. ( I made duplicates again like always) We let them dry.

For the vines I actually used glitter 🙂 I used a Martha Stewart glue pen and did little squiggles stemming from his fingers… and sprinkled green glitter on the tiles and let it dry, When it was dry I shook the excess off and, Again SAVE your glitter!!! Its expensive !!!

Using a black fine point Sharpie I wrote “Happy Halloween!” and “Tristin 2012” on the tiles where I saw fit.

I took them all outside and sprayed them with a coat of clear gloss spray and let them dry.

Drill your holes and add your ribbon!

Through the years I will always display these! After all I did make all those fingers and toes!! Can’t wait to see our collection grow.

Have fun with them and please if you make some of your own please share I would LOVE to see them!!! Get Creative!


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