junk n. Articles that are fit to be discarded. + fantastic adj. Unrestrainedly fanciful; extravagant.


Friends Family and Fellow craft junkies like myself! Hang tight while I work on getting my blog up and running!

I’ve decided to dedicate a little bit of time and space to myself these days! After being in school for 4 years obtaining my Degree in Web Design and Interactive media… I was a stay at home mom for 2 of those years ( My Husband Tony and I have the coolest little Dude in Town! Our Son Tristin, who will be 3 in March! enough about them though…this is about me!), and dove right back into the work field after school. Lucky for me I found a wonderful Job with a Wonderful Company doing all the parts of my degree that I love!

My life long passion is art… of all kinds. I have a knack for it you could say! It just comes out of me… Crafts of all shapes and kinds =) I can draw what I can see… and all the crazy things that I can imagine… and I work with all mediums, often times mixing them all up. I’ll eventually get to adding a gallery of my art pieces on this site! Oh the possibilities are endless!!!

I have a 1001 and one projects/crafts that I have done previous to this site, and only “recorded” my process for a few… But I promise I WILL get better about it! I have definitely used other tutorials to create my own master pieces… and will certainly give credit where credit is due! I ask that if you use my concepts and ideas you only do the same for me….

A little more about me, in case your uber curious! I was raised in both the south of Louisiana and the Valley of California… An interesting mix from 2 very different parts of the country. I am pretty well rounded & I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ with my wonderful husband and son. We haven’t quite decided if our family is going to grow any larger… but for now we are truly blessed with what we have… each other.

2011 brought on many wonderful things for our family…

A house to call our own! (completely gutted and in serious need of some major work… but none the less OURS!) In the last year we’ve done countless home remodeling all on our own, with no help but the world wide web! My Husband is a total computer geek and we both had no idea just how crazy and endless this was going to be! I promise to post some photos of the Housing Process in a future post. But for now… the house is still standing, has far less holes and lots more love! We are still waiting on a few more changes like baseboards, new windows and doors, some electrical work and random odds and ends here and there!

New Jobs! Beginning of 2011 Tony had finally made General Manager for Dominos Pizza. I was finishing up my degree and we were just barely getting by but somehow making ends meet. I finished all my classes in March, Graduated in June, and got a job offer in July! I started working for EmpowHER on August 1, 2011! ( check it out… amazing company for women. EmpowHER.com) Right out of college I was so blessed in this economy. Ironically enough, Tony had a job kind of Tossed into his lap by a good friend who recommended him for a computer company called Intellitech! We both received our job offers within 24 hours of one another… and we both accepted! For once we are both on the same schedules and I am able to spend more time with the man I love… and less time begging for his attention! (Giving myself a little more me time ironically!)

Health! My Husband and I both started dieting beginning of December and we have collectively lost about 60 lbs! Its so exciting and so awesome we are doing it together! Makes dieting SO much easier, and brings us much closer together. I am feeling a million times better about myself, and am loving myself again!

The Best Holiday Season! With things going both smooth and well for us, we decided to fly my Dad out to Phoenix to spend the Holidays with us. It seriously was one of the Best Christmases EVER. I don’t know why but all the magic of Christmas and new years resurfaced this year! And I can’t wait for a repeat of it for next year!

I am so Thrilled for 2012! And can’t wait to keep crafting. (Plus my addiction with pinterest gets my head spinning an my brain racing of ideas all over the house!)




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