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Hot Plate and Table Coasters!


Had a Dinner Date in with the Fabulous Leeann! She came over and we had some yummy chicken and baked veggies and got to crafting! I pulled out Varying tile sizes, my box of spray paints, and and old lace table cloth that we cut into. Let me just say… I will absolutely makes these again! They were very simple… quick…. fun and the possibilities are endless.

Taking plain white tiles we did a base coat of our first color choice (spray the color you want the lace cut out to be first.) We let it dry while we went inside to cut out patterns from my old table cloth. Once the tiles were dry I used a spritz of repositionable spray adhesive on the back of the lace and adjusted where on my tiles I wanted the patterns to be. Once all the lace was laid out on the tiles, we took our second choice paint color and sprayed away! I recommend letting the second color coat dry a bit before pulling the lace up… I pulled mine up to early and it smudged some. After that I did a quick top coat of clear to help prevent from scratches and chips and voila! These have such a pretty Vintage look to them! I LOVE the color choice Leeann picked out. The Red just pops!


I still have to ad some felt to the bottom of the tiles to prevent from scratching the table top… but I am definitely looking forward to making a few holiday related ones. My eye is out for some Halloween type lace… some spider webs would be super cool 🙂 Same for some pretty gold/silver/red Christmas ones!


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