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Cat in the Hat Party – Cake, Treats, Goody Bags & Games!

Tristin’s 3rd Birthday Party was for the most part a success! Even though the Ice and Tables both showed up about an hour late… none of the kiddos seemed to mind! They went right into playing with toys, bubbles, finger paints, and snacking on yummy treats! I on the other hand felt like a chicken running around with my head chopped off! Thank goodness I decided ahead of time that I was only going to serve deserts and goodies vs a full blown meal, we had the party around 2pm and it worked out just fine!

The Treats!

Or as I like to call it… the spread… Along with Cup Cakes and one crazy adorable Cake; Tristin helped me make Jello cups with marshmallows and whip cream, Marshmallow pops with red chocolate drizzled on to look like the Cat in the Hat’s Hat, and Chocolate Pretzels! And some good old Green Eggs and lastly some Red (strawberry) and White (banana) Skewers for the Cats Hat. (These were a HUGE HIT with the little kids!!!)

I almost forgot! Goldfish! I put them in cute little dollar store goldfish bowls on all the tables outside and inside. Very cute Idea… Tristin passed out the night of the party on couch holding one. He was so filthy from playing with bubbles and sand and all the finger painting! I had to snap a few pics before I wiped him down and put him in bed 🙂

The Cake – Oh my goodness I LOVED the cake!

My Girlfriend Jess helped me because lets face it, I can paint and draw anything… but ask me to bake something you expect to not only eat but present….forget it. HOWEVER I did make the darling little fish on the top of the cake, and the water drops coming off of the cake. All I used was a little kids Model Magic foam – non toxic and a sharpie pen to draw in the details once it was dry. Because I used such a large hunk of it… it took almost a week to dry, so I am super glad I couldn’t wait to make it and see how it came out, I put it together far ahead of time! Jess brought the Cake over a day in advance, and its ALL Tristin could talk about! He was so excited about the CAKE!

Goody Bags!

Okay so I searched and searched and searched Goodwills for copies of the Cat in the Hat book…. Took me weeks to get 2 copies and one copy of the Cat in the Hat Comes Back! Ugh! So I gave in and pulled any and all Dr. Seuss Books off the shelves! Then I went to good ole Michael’s and found these adorable canvas bags for a $1.00 each! Wahoo! I printed on iron on paper and voila goody bags! For the kids who RSVP’d to the party I personalized the bags with their names.  I also found some Dr. Seuss Hats, pencils and book marks, stickers, and some black and white suckers and I was set! I made a little thank you tag and put them in each bag saying ” I loved the cupcakes, and presents too… but my favorite part was seeing you! Thank you for making my 3rd Birthday Special! ❤ Tristin”

Games! – Sorry for the Fuzzy photo, it seems my little photographer has been handling the camera!

Who doesn’t love watching 2-3yr olds hopping around?! I came across some red pillowcases and thought this would be so cute to as Thing 1 Thing 2 sack Race for the kids! Super simple to make and instant party fun. Using Iron on patches I printed and ironed and instantly had something for the little ones of hop around it. Would be even more fabulous if I had some funky blue wigs!

The party was fun and Tristin celebrated for weeks… Lucky lil kid! Im super glad its over, and so sad at the same time! If anyone is interested in the stuff I created feel free to contact me… I’d be happy to pass it onto you, as I didn’t have the heart to toss any of the decorations… I boxed them up and there they sit!

Happy Birthday lil Man! (Tristin Blowing out his candles!)


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14 thoughts on “Cat in the Hat Party – Cake, Treats, Goody Bags & Games!

  1. Juliana on said:

    Hi, I loooved your decoration! My son’s 1st yr bday is in 2 weeks and I have not done anything yet. The theme is the same: cat in the hat. Do you still have the decoration? Would you be able to ship it to me? I’m in Los Angeles, ca. Thank you!

    • Thanks Juliana! We are going to be in Thousand Oaks Next weekend 🙂 I am actually out of town at the moment, Till Tuesday. But I’ll contact my husband and make him go search for the box. I think with the decorations we have some of the goodie bags, extra books, paper hats, stickers maybe? Pencils… im not entirely sure! Tristin is already starting to talk about turning 10 – Thank goodness 4 comes first though. 😉 The main decorations I know we still have are the thing 1/ thing 2 flower pots! & I would be glad to send them your way. I think I made 6 of them total. -Danie

      • Juliana on said:

        So, do you live in Los Angeles area too? I can drive to you if better 🙂 we live in northridge, San Fernando valley, about 1/2hr from Thousand Oaks. I can totally drive there too, just let me know. I am not good for decorations at all, so if you don’t mind I’ll use yours as a template 😀 anything you can give me is welcome, then I’ll create around that.
        Thank you so much!
        Ps: i love the pic of Tristan sleeping with the gold fish!!! He’s a cutie 🙂

      • I am from Thousand Oaks, but we live in Phoenix, going home for the Holidays! (I’m currently in Sacramento, playing/working haha) I don’t mind shipping to you at all! I’m glad someone else can use them! (I got the goldfish bowls at the local dollar store, and Goodwill sells them too! 49 cents or less on 50% off Saturdays!)And congrats on surviving the first year! 2’s are amazing!!! 3’s are well… LOL (I just got off of Amazon customer service to reverse 150 worth of amazon kindle apps!!! That Tristin apparently HAD to have while I was at work tonight! They are smarter than you realize!) I’ll send you a private email to let you know what we have for ya still, when I get home Tuesday and get your address. Have a great weekend!

      • Thank you so much, you are so nice!
        I’ll wait to hear from you then on what you still have so I don’t buy the same thing. Do you have PayPal? I can send you $ for shipping and the stuff if you’d like.
        My address is:
        17241 roscoe blvd unit 12
        Northridge, ca 91325
        My phone is: 3106210744
        Gosh! $150 in apps!!!!!!! I can only imagine it’ll get harder and harder from now on. Tristin looks like he’s a trouble maker huh hahahaha habaha but better like than just boring and super well behaved (they don’t need to know that!)

  2. Juliana on said:

    Where did you buy the cupcake holder and the table cloth? Went to party city today and they don’t have it 😦

  3. Juliana on said:

    Hi danie,
    I’m assuming you are getting ready for your thanksgiving trip to Cali, but I wonder if you had a chance to look into what you have and if you’ll be able to ship them to me. I can send you the money.
    I’m starting to freak out as I didn’t buy anything yet and the party is in 2 weeks. Well, I’m unemployed and unfortunately edd pay is not wonderful!
    I’d be very happy to hear back from you.
    Have an awesome holiday with your family!

    • Hey! I am so sorry I meant to email you this am. I even put it in my cell calendar as life is just crazy. I got home very late last night from working all weekend to a very sick little boy. We are Driving from Phoenix to Thousand Oaks Thursday Morning. Would you mind if we dropped the boxes off to you, as we will be passing through the valley anyways? The cup cake holders I bought at Walmart during valentines day for just 11 bucks each! And the table cloth I used is actually a roll of glitter wrapping paper from Michael’s. They only sell them in select Michael’s stores now 😦 I know because I have been all over the phoenix valley looking for them. But if you call around and let them know they are Michael’s brand glitter rolls of wrapping paper, they will check to see if they are in stock before you go running around everywhere like I did! But I think they were about 5 dollars a roll. I bought the red and teal blue for the party. I am still waiting for my husband to grab the box out of the attic for me, I have been asking him every 20 min all night. I’ll send you a message of what I do have still!

    • Juliana I finally wore my husband down! I have 6 – thing 1 thing 2 flower pot centerpieces, I have thing 1 thing 2 mini statues already made, and a package of 2 unmade ones. I have a LARGE cat in the hat paper decoration… (we hung it on our front door) with other little decals, I have 3 thing 1/2/3 pillowcase sacs, in perfect condition. and 15 paper cat in the hat hats. As well I have both the cake stands, 2 red white blue platters, 18 bookmarks, 12 Dr. Seuss pencils (1 package of 10 unopened, the others are floating at the bottom of the box) and the fish from the top of the cake that I made. The blue centerpiece paper fluffs need some fluffing from being packed up, but they are definitely in great condition and can be used again. And I would be happy to drop all this off to you this week, or mail it if that’s better for you, but It would all be in more than 1 box.

      • Juliana Vicente on said:

        Hi Danie,
        Oh my gosh, this is sooooo exciting! I can’t believe Lukas’ party will be THIS cool. I’m sure our friends will be surprised because they know I’m not creative.
        The colors are so beautiful. Yes, I’d like to have everything if possible 🙂 Is there a cost to it?
        And you are more than welcome to stop by tomorrow, we will be here.
        Please save my # so we can be in touch by text message (3106210744). What time do you think you’ll be here?
        Have a safe and nice trip tomorrow.

      • Juliana, Our goal is to leave the house by 5 am, and be in your area around 10-12…. I know that’s a big gap, but we have a little traveler with us, and we never know how many potty breaks we will need! I’ll pack up the box tonight and make sure it gets packed. My cell is 602.791.0657, and as far as cost goes, would 40 dollars for all of it be okay? I wasn’t planning on getting rid of the cake stands and trays, but don’t mind selling them to you. -Danie

      • $40 is fine. See you tomorrow!
        Thank you very much

      • Juliana I have been meaning to ask you how the part went for your little guy!? Hope he had a great first!

      • Juliana on said:

        Hi there! I’ve been meaning to contact you this whole time! I’m so sorry!
        The party was nice, thanks to you 🙂 the cake collapsed before the party though :0 the cake lady had to come over and fix it before the party. Instead of cupcakes I ordered blue brogadeiros, which is a typical kids party sweet, it was delicious. I bought this shiny fabric as table cover, looked super cool. I posted all the pics on my fb, go there to check it out 🙂 find me by my email: juliana_vicente2003@yahoo.com.
        THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OVER TO GIVE ME THE DECORATION! I’ll be always thankful to you!

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