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Thing 1, Thing 2 – Party Topiary’s!

So! To start off in searching for DIY decorating Ideas for Cat in the Hat, I came across this darling idea of using flower pots, dowels and foam balls to make Thing 1 & Thing 2 Topiary’s as table center pieces for my Son’s 3rd birthday Party…. However I for the life of me cannot find the original blog post for this idea… I’d love to share the concept with the original maker of it, but I can’t find it anywhere. So I took photos of the steps I took in making these! (excuse my messy craft room…. its always piled high with ideas, and there never is much order to it :/) These are so darling, and simple to make, they can be used for any party or character theme!


Pots (6) : I did a few goodwill runs and found cheap flower pots on goodwill 50% off days, I made a total of 6 pots (3 sets of thing 1 thing 2) finding pots that were similar in size.

Foam Balls (6) : Good ole Michales crafts has them, and I also picked up some foam floral disks to use inside the pots. (If you have the time to check most dollar tree/stores have these as well and are almost always cheaper!

Tissue Paper, Dowels, White Acrylic Paint, Scissors, Red Spray paint, Red Confetti Paper, and Good ole Hot glue!


First I painted all my Dowels white and set them aside to dry. Then I prepped the pots 🙂 I used floral foam and cut it up into quarters or halves depending on the size of my pot, and shoved the foam firmly into the bottom of the pot just enough to hold the dowel firmly upright in the center. I used hot glue to fasten the foam into place. (this doesn’t have to be pretty by any means, it will be covered up with confetti paper later on.


Next in a well ventilated area, aka my back patio I set up a station to spray paint the pots! I did light layers of red about 3 coats worth till they were evenly painted. I did not worry about painting the insides of the pots as they will be filled with red confetti paper and won’t be seen.


Taking a dry dowel that I had previously painted white, I applied hot glue to the tip of the dowel and then gently pierced a foam ball and let it dry over a few seconds to seccure the dowel to the foam ( I repeated 6 times for each of my pots I planned on making). Then I took the tissue paper and cut it up first into squares and then into triangles. I personally liked the way the paper looked when crinkled in triangles vs squares. I took a photo for reference of how I was crinkling the paper.


Once I got the paper looking how I wanted it, I began hot gluing it to the foam ball, just a dab of hot glue and a second or 2 of firmly pressing it to the foam ball. If you are nervous about burning your fingers, you can used a metal sewing thimble on the finger you are pressing with to prevent burns 🙂 I did this 6 times for all the foam balls. (using about 25-30 sheets of tissue paper)

Using a round circle punch I punched out 6 circles and made 3 sets of thing 1 thing 2 labels to Hot glue to the pots.  To add a little more detail to them I edged them with a black ink pad and let them dry before gluing them to the red pots. From then I stuffed them all with red confetti paper and voila! I had myself some adorable and very cheap center pieces for the tables at my son’s birthday Party!


I will defiantly use this concept again for holidays or other themed parties in the future! Again this isn’t an original idea of mine, I found these online while randomly searching for Cat in the Hat decorations, and went with it.


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