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Dr. Seuss Birthday Cards

In anticipation of My son’s 3rd Birthday Party I started working in Early January on Crafts for his big day! This year we went with Dr. Seuss! Tristin is thrilled, and any time we talk about him turning 3 he gets so excited and talks about his “Cat Hat Birfday Party!”.  We went with Cat in the Hat as his main party theme, a lot of people online went with a bunch of different Seuss books and mash them all into the party theme, but I have to limit my creativity, as my time is limited working full time now… I had such a wonderful time making these cards this year, and I was truly impressed with how well they turned out.  They are even better than I had imagined!!!


Starting with a vision in my head, I prepped and used 8.5×11 red card stock. Cutting it in half and scoring my cards. Making my card size 4.25 x 5.5 when folded in half. Using my Cricut, I cracked open my Cricut Craft room and selected an edge from one of my cartridges. In my case The diamonds worked out perfectly, I laid out the design to maximize the paper so not to waste card stock and hit cut. If you don’t have a Cricut, I personally think just plain white stripes would be equally adorable! After glueing on the diamond design, I decided I wanted to add a little more dimension and design to the card. So I pulled out a strait edge and a black marker and decided to add a little bit of a Seuss touch to it. Randomly applying thin black lines and occasionally breaking them up with a dot: _______.______   Although this processes was a little more time consuming than originally planed, I thought it was completely worth it!


Next I decided on the Cat in the Hat image I wanted to put on the Front. I found a PNG File online and used it in Photoshop to duplicate and print onto card stock. Laying them out evenly I printed them out, then using Cricut Craft Room I selected a frame that I liked and spaced it out the with the same sizes I used for printing the Cat in the Hat to card stock. Once they were all cut out, I decided to give it a little bit of a pop by edging it with black ink using an ink pad. ( I recommend letting each image you ink/edge to layout and dry before stacking them, to prevent ink from rubbing off and messing up other images) Once They were all edged and dried, I used Foam Adhesive stickers to give the image a little depth when adding them to the cards. I visually centered them with my eye and Stuck them onto the cards as seen below, if you have a difficult time with visual layout you are certainly allowed to mark the center of your cards 🙂


After applying The Cat in the Hat frame image to the front of each card, I felt it was missing something and not quite complete, so I pulled out some ribbon and decided to attach a little bow to the front of each card. After cutting and making enough bows for all my cards, I had run out of one ribbon type (but not color) so I just opened up another spool and went with it. I attached the ribbon with a dab of hot glue and positioned it right below the Cat in the Hat Framed image. ( To make it perfectly centered, I cut the tip of the framed cat image off with a pair of scissors so that the ribbon lay strait and not cock to one side.)  Finally I was completely in LOVE with the front of the cards…. now to decide what to do with the inside of the card!


I finally decided to scan in an image from the Cat in the Hat book, and make some edits to it and make the invite read similarly to the book! I searched online for other Cat in the Hat invites and pulled together other phrases people were using. In the end this is what we chose.

“You could not, should not, would not, want to miss a celebration quite like this! We know some good tricks, some good games we could play. Come join us to celebrate Tristin’s 3rd Birthday!

We’ll have cake and games and lots of fun treats, Presents and music and it’ll be oh so neat!

March is the month, the 24th is the date, (street # Streent Name, City and Zip)’s the Place. The party starts at 2:00pm, so please don’t be late!

Would you, could you come to play? Please ring or write us by the 15th day of March, and let us know either way! (email, or phone number)”

I really had so much fun working on this card, and Tristin Loves them. 🙂 I made about 36 of them, and they took me a few nights to finish, due to the fact that I put a lot of detail in them, and I didn’t know what I was going to do on the insides of them! I loved all the complements I got on them after sending them out! Can’t wait to top myself next year. If you have any questions on how I made these cards please don’t hesitate to ask! More posts to come on other Seuss, Cat in the Hat Party Decorations. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Birthday Cards

  1. Cherie Werezak on said:

    Love all that you did for your sons party!!! I’m planning my sons second birthday and thought this theme was awesome. I have seriously looked everyone for images of the cat in the hat everywhere and have had no luck- wondering if your remember the link ou found your cat picture? As well were did you find the images to iron on to he bags and pillows. Thanks so much!!
    Email is shoey_c@hotmail.com

    • Thanks Cherie! I actually scanned my images in from the actual books, and manipulated them in Photoshop to remove any text from the pages. I will check to see what files I still have from this project and forward to your email provided. 🙂

      • Cherie Werezak on said:

        Thank you so much-would be greatly appreciated!!

      • Cherie Werezak on said:

        Sorry to be a peast… Just curious if you we’re able to find your file of Cat in the Hat? I have big plans to try to start on my invites this weekend:) thanks so much!!!

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