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$8.00 Coffee Table Modern Takeover!

So my 2 big purchases this last weekend were the bar stool in my previous post, and this little beauty. I am quite positive that its original purpose was not “coffee” table… but a form of side table for people with big homes. We have a rather large sofa (and a tiny home) but a VERY awkward size spacing for a table to fit, and normal coffee tables just don’t work here. We were using a rather pretty iron based table… that my husband hates! So while we were shopping my husband rejected and rejected this table… in fact, we left without purchasing it. We went on our way to hit up the next goodwill and I huffed and puffed about it… not really I was just bummed that we didn’t by the table. I was so drawn to it! I am not sure if it was the color of it ( am a sucker for green things), the storage possibilities… I don’t know but I wanted it. While browsing another Goodwill, Tony said to me the only way he’d let me get the table was if we replaced the other “coffee” table with this one. I said “Deal!”, and by replace… I will gladly relocate the “old” table to make accommodations for this one!

Glad we went back when we did because there was another couple eyeing it! Eek! We swooped it up and lucky me brought it home. To be quite honest with you it fit in just fine in the living room as is. But I was totally drawn to this pin I found on Pinterest and tutorial on creating a shabby chic – vintage-esque type table. How ever she goes into far more detail… my piece was already painted… and has natural dings and pings… just needed to be cleaned up a bit. But I totally fell for the table top and legs being different colors. So I decided to ad a little modern to my aged piece.

I pulled out that paint can of black paint again left over from our Kitchen cabinets when we remodeled… and voila. A little sanding, and some painters tape I was on my way to a new look! (so sorry for the lighting in our house… that’s a huge project for another day…electrical…ugh.) I’ll add photos in the future during the day with more natural lighting. Also, I started this project after dinner… so my Husband and Son were winding down and I was smack dab in the middle of their relaxation mode.

For the metal hardware I used an old left over can of quick dry black gloss spray paint for metals. I was worried I’d run out… but I had just enough to get the job done! Quick short spray’s and it came out evenly.

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I think my next project will be some crafts for my Son’s Birthday Party coming up in March. If I don’t start now… nothing will get done. As my son says’ “Cat Hat Berf-DAY! I tweeeee!” He’s pretty excited for a Cat in the Hat party for his 3rd!


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