junk n. Articles that are fit to be discarded. + fantastic adj. Unrestrainedly fanciful; extravagant.

$4.99 Stool Makeover!

So every so often, usually once a month the boys and I have a little family time together and search for junk! It’s always fun and super cheap 🙂 Every other Saturday Goodwill has 50% off days! My husband was always into it… and I finally caved and went with him… we loved it and when we need a little family fun on a budget we go shopping! I found this Bar stool beauty at one of the local Goodwill’s and fell in Love. My Husband was against the purchase, and I swore I would redo it… “It’s easy!”  I said… in my mind thinking I was sure I could pull it off! He swore I wouldn’t do anything with it! In efforts to prove him wrong… we brought the stool home and 2 days later I got to work! (I would have had this completed in 1 evening had I not of fallen asleep “snuggling” with our 2 year old at 7:30! Waking up at 3 am & realizing I slept the night away… the bar stool project went on to day 2!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really everything was very easy to do!

Using some old fabric, stapler, screwdriver, pliers, scissors, sandpaper,  a paint brush & left over paint…. I literally spent $4.99 on this! No added materials just left overs from projects before.

You can find my step by step in the slideshow above… (sorry for the viewer, I will have to search for a better one later on!)

On to another craft tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “$4.99 Stool Makeover!

  1. Tonia on said:

    Awesome! I’m going to do this….wish me luck!

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