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Super Hero Birthday Party!


So I have been a terrible blogger, I am currently building my own Jewelry business and that just takes up so much of my time, but I HAVE to share my little man’s birthday party! This year was a total Success, and I am so happy with the turn out! We had a few no shows but this year has been the greatest turn out so far, and Tristin had Such a blast… I am already starting to dream about next years party!


Like always I design and make my own birthday cards, and this year was no different. Once we finished debating on whether or not to throw an Angry Birds party or go all out Super Heroes, Super Heroes won as we were shopping one day. Since we were not doing anyone specific, and I now know there is a serious NO NO to combining DC and Marvel comics (oops!), I went with a comic book theme. I did my design 100% digital, this year with Photoshop, I wanted to add a little POP and depth to it so edged the edges with black ink pads, and cut out some beautiful red card stock with dots on it and edged that as well. Matched it with a navy envelop from the local paper shop and I was set! If you would like a digital copy, I would be happy to share with you, send me a message!


3 days before the party I started prepping, Cake pops! So much easier than I had ever imagined… and as long as you keep the design of them simple, they are a huge hit with everyone! I actually used a cake pop pan. Made my life making these so simple, and each one was the same shape and size! I used an “As Seen on TV” one and the only Tips and Tricks I used after researching online was this. #1 Add an extra egg to your cake batter. #2 Dip your pop stick into a little bit of your melted color and then insert into the pop. Then put it in the freezer… I did it for about 10 min or so. Once its hardened its time to dip the whole thing! Move over dipped pretzels I will probably make these again, and again, and again!

   IMG_20130323_0044512     IMG_20130323_0044142

The night before the party I made the Mini cup cakes! I had NO idea just how many I would end up with… I was expecting like 30ish, and wound up with over 70! I was sending cake pops home left and right! I used white cake box, and regular whip cream as the icing. I figured I am serving tons of sugar I should go as light as possible. My only problem was this… earlier in the week, for Tristin’s Actual birthday, I made him a bad piggies cake, with the same icing. And we store our cool whip in the freezer… not sure why- But we do. So when I added the food coloring, the whole thing just turned to soup, took me about 4 wasted tubs to figure it out… lesson learned. So if you are like me… refrigerate your cool whip a day before you try to color it! AND no matter how much red you add… it will always be pink.

    IMG_20130323_1359562    IMG_20130323_184039

On top of cake pops and mini cup cakes, We put out Rock Candies… (we followed a tutorial online to make them ourselves 2 weeks in advance, and well… our cake pops finally started to crystallize on the 10th day and are all still 2 small to do anything with them!) so I ran to the party store and picked some up. Gumballs, Red Sixlets, White Cheese Pop Corn, Sliced Green Apples, and of Course Cake! I have a wonderfully talented girlfriend who makes my sons cake every year! How lucky am I?! Given my bad piggies failure of a cake earlier in the week… I am so great full she knows her stuff!


I am well known for my great goody bags! I LOVE doing them, and hate putting meaningless useless toys in them. So this year I paid attention to the dollar store Items, and hot spot clearance etc. With all the movies, super heroes are everywhere right now, thankfully! If I calculate it out I probably spent about $10 – $12 on each one. I am a Michael’s shopper and am there weekly, something that irritates my husband… but I’m a junkie…what can I say?! I picked up the canvas bags for $2 – $3 dollars depending on the store location, also they have TONS of Super Hero stuff right now in the fun zone! Usually all that stuff is between $1 and $3. That’s where I got the coloring books, the crayons, the small deck of playing cards, and the skate board. I didn’t want to end up with tons of sixlets and gumballs as I bought huge tubs of them, I used baker bags and made individual give aways for each! Printed up some labels from card stock, they were a little time consuming, but a little extra detail adds a lot to the party. The Pop rocks, and Ring pops came from the local dollar store (4 for a $1), along with the cool little square wash cloth! They expand when you put them in water. I LOVED these as a kid. Printed up some Iron on hero logos and names and voila bags!

    IMG_20130323_0522542     IMG_20130323_1401322

Once I got all of them put together I couldn’t find a way to display them or set them up so that the contents didn’t spill out everywhere… SO after a little thought I remembered we have some old shower curtain hooks! Yes we have a dresser in the living room too… Our house is very small with no closets! Seriously. So you get a little creative when it comes to finding some place to store your linens! I cracked the top drawer and the hooks worked out perfectly. I organized them too so that siblings bags were located next to one another! And girls bags of course had pink logos.

And what’s a party without balloons and streamers?! This is my Husbands LEAST favorite part! He is terrified of balloons, big baby. And I am just to short to reach so it’s always put off till the last minute, but I insist on it! Here is a helpful tip, because I do the streamers and balloons the same way every year. I have a nail in the corner of each room. So when I make my balloons I use a rubber band to bundle them together then another rubber band or 2 to link together… so all my husband has to do is hook the balloons to the nails that are already in the corners of the rooms! Huge time saver!

    IMG_20130323_0421032     IMG_20130323_184425

My Chalk board… a tutorial I never did blog about, but is super simple. I took a cheap frame from (ross maybe?) with an ugly painting I’d just never hang… flipped the painting over, and painted the back of the sturdy cardboard it was printed onto with chalk board paint! Voila my own HUGE chalkboard. I write something special for every holiday coming up, and this was no different. I decided to keep it *simple* and just did a character message. Good ole superman! If you want to do something similar but don’t have drawing talents… google a character in color book format, print. On the back of your printing rub chalk on it. Then place your paper on the chalk board and trace the printed outlines with a pencil and slight pressure, lift the picture and voila you have a character design on your chalk board that you can trace or color in with chalk!


Also in some of these pictures there was a last minute decoration element I added in… I had bought 2 sets of these with all different characters on them at Michael’s, planning to give them away. Oh how plans changed as I only had 8 cups and 18 kids were scheduled to show! Keeping costs low I brought them into my craft room and started plotting. In the end, I had some foam balls I wrapped in red tissue paper, and stuffed into each one. Then I took bamboo sticks and pattern card stock and cut out the #4 and random “POW” type of shapes, and wrote words like “Zap” “POW” “BOOM” “BANG” “CRASH” etc… on them and stuffed them in. Had I thought of this a week before I would have busted out the cricut, and went to town with layers, and more 3D elements. (Im crazy, I know) So there were 8 of these floating around throughout the house!


Entertainment… Oy! So with so many kids I skipped the whole role play and dress ups, and put together an activity table outside with pop corn and colors. It was a windy day, so I taped down comic strip Super Hero Characters and all the kids could color outside in the nice weather. As well we ordered a bounce house. and already have tons of outside play toys including a play house, kitchen set, sand and water table, and a kids climber with 3 slides and a tunnel. Plus riding toys/cars, balls…. they were all busy. Sill some made way to Tristins room to play with trains, planes, cars, puzzles, characters and so much more!

    IMG_11172     IMG_11192

All in all the day was very successful! And I still can’t believe how quickly my little man is growing! I just love him to pieces! It feels like he’s 4 going on 10 already!

Hope you get a little inspiration from our party! If you need any digital files or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or just post comments!


Halloween Themed Keepsakes!

So I got the Idea to make Keepsake Tiles when I had this super awesome Mommy Friend. However She spent around $80 bucks to make a holiday plate each year for certain holidays to display in the wall anyways. To me that was just CRAZY when I could make my own year after year for less than 5 bucks… and that’s rounding up. Whats even better Is I typically make 4-5 of each one to pass out to Grand Parents, Great Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles! (If you are interested in the Wreath above you can view the How To)

My son Tristin LOVES when I pull out the Tiles, he knows whats coming!

To Start I purchased 3 different Box sizes of plain white ceramic tiles from home Depot. They are like 49 cents a piece if that and if you purchase the box they end up being cheaper. I bought boxes for 4×4, 6×6, and 6×7. I also purchased a drill bit that drills through glass & ceramics. Anyone in Home Depot can help you locate them. I bought a size range pack of 4 sizes for $6.

I’ll start with the Spider we created last year for Halloween 2011

Using a 6×7 plain white tile, I took a pile of them outside and spray painted them with left over can of orange spray paint I used for a previous project. There is NOTHING special about the Spray paint… it was most likely the cheapest can possible that was orange. I did 2 light coats of spray paint on the tiles and let it dry about 5 min between sprays. Then let dry for 20 min after the second coat. (I suggest Drilling your Holes into the Tiles previous to spray painting, to prevent chipping the paint you just sprayed on. Sometimes i remember sometimes I don’t… I never worry 2 much about it though because the ribbon usually will cover up any lil flaw.

For the Spider I used Tristin’s Hand, and a paint brush to spread elmers glue all over his hand, excluding his thumbs because spiders only have 8 legs (4 fingers from each hand). Press it to the tile facing one way, then re-apply glue to the same hand, and press again in the opposite direction lining up the palm in the same spot, or as close as you can get it with a 2yr old!

Once we finished making glue prints onto the tile I took some fine glitter (I personally use Martha Stewart glitters) and heavily sprinkled it onto to glue prints. I let dry for quite some time… I wanted it be all the way dry before I shook the excess glitter off. And Save your glitter!… its not cheap!!!

Using a fine point black sharpie I wrote “Tristin 2011” really small under the spider’s body, and “EEK!” really big on the tile positioning it to my liking.

After I was All done, I took the tiles back outside for another coat of Clear Gloss Spray Paint. Just to help prevent it from chipping in the future, and the glitter from spreading throughout the house.

Last Touches! I Added little wiggle eyes to the spider to make it fun. I put glue dots down and let Tristin press them on. And I added a Black Ribbon for hanging.


Halloween Tiles for 2012

We did 3 this year, cause lets face it… I couldn’t help myself to only do 1 a year, I came up with the ghost one last year and refrained from doing it till this year, so when I saw the Candy Corns…. I knew i couldn’t hold off a whole year to do it next year! yikes!

For these Tiles I spray painted plain white tiles (6×7) with plain black gloss spray paint, again nothing special….  just what was left over from a previous project. For these I did 3 light coats letting them dry about 5 min between and letting the tiles dry about 40 min after the last coat of paint.

Using 3 colors of acrylic crafting paint… I Painted my sons little feet 3 colors of the candy corn, and white for the ghost. I laid the paint on nice and thick because I wanted to make sure the white wouldn’t show up gray due to the black background, and pressed his feet to the tiles one at a time. Setting them aside we washed his feet and let him run to play. If your like me and make multiples for other family members I reapply paint between each pressing, so that the colors are vibrant, and you get a good imprint of the foot.

Once these were all Dry I used a white acrylic paint marker to write the words “Spooky!” and “Trick or Treat Smell My Feet!” on the tiles where I saw fit. I also used a fine point black sharpie to write “Tristin 2012” along the edge of Tristin’s footprint.

Like all my tiles I took them all outside when I was all finished and sprayed a coat of clear gloss on them all to help prevent from any scratches to them.

This time I failed to drill my holes before spray painting (oops) so once everything was dry I went ahead and Drilled the holes carefully and added my ribbon to the tiles for hanging.


Tristin Insisted we do one with his hands.

So to keep it simple I used the left over orange paints from the day before and painted his little hand orange, and he pressed his hands to the tiles. ( I made duplicates again like always) We let them dry.

For the vines I actually used glitter 🙂 I used a Martha Stewart glue pen and did little squiggles stemming from his fingers… and sprinkled green glitter on the tiles and let it dry, When it was dry I shook the excess off and, Again SAVE your glitter!!! Its expensive !!!

Using a black fine point Sharpie I wrote “Happy Halloween!” and “Tristin 2012” on the tiles where I saw fit.

I took them all outside and sprayed them with a coat of clear gloss spray and let them dry.

Drill your holes and add your ribbon!

Through the years I will always display these! After all I did make all those fingers and toes!! Can’t wait to see our collection grow.

Have fun with them and please if you make some of your own please share I would LOVE to see them!!! Get Creative!

Halloween Spider Wreath

Its been a while since I’ve Posted anything worth while, so to kick off the upcoming Holiday Season Frenzy I’ve got a simple and fun to do Halloween Wreath! This Idea stemmed from a pin I found on Pinterest, and sold here on Etsy

When I saw that wreath, I thought it would be so awesome to turn that one single flower into an awesome Spider and use some good ole Halloween Colors!

To start I used a package of Orange card stock cut into quarters, to get 4 flowers per sheet. Then I cut random spirals into the quartered pages of the card stock. the less perfect the swirl is the more unique the rose turns out! So I added a little wave pattern in my cutting habits. Starting with the outside edge of the spiral I rolled the paper till a lil rose formed. The card stock held up pretty well so I didn’t bother gluing the bottoms of the roses to keep them from unraveling.

Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…Repeat… till you go cross eyed! For my Big Black Spider, I did the same thing, but I used a 12×12 black card-stock skeet! I wanted it to be BIG! For this wreath I used a flat wreath board… Honestly you can use any kind or wreath you want… I just had this left over from previous crafting projects.

Once I decided I had enough flowers rolled up. I started Hot gluing the flowers to the board. I started with the Black flower and then started building off of it. Positioning the flowers as close together as possible because I was lazy and didn’t paint/spray paint the wreath board orange. When I got all the flowers positions and glued on, I went ahead and used some black fuzzy pipe cleaners for legs on the spider. I just put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the pip cleaner and shoved it into the flower and held it till it dried, and bent them too look more leg like.

Round 1! So I wasn’t as pleased with it as I thought I would be. SO I tried again, and decided to get back to step one and cut out more orange roses to give it a more full filling. So I did just that…

Build onto it till you’re happy with the look of it! Cheap Simple, and easy enough to have the little ones help out!


Good Luck with yours! If you make one please post I would Love to see them!

Hot Plate and Table Coasters!


Had a Dinner Date in with the Fabulous Leeann! She came over and we had some yummy chicken and baked veggies and got to crafting! I pulled out Varying tile sizes, my box of spray paints, and and old lace table cloth that we cut into. Let me just say… I will absolutely makes these again! They were very simple… quick…. fun and the possibilities are endless.

Taking plain white tiles we did a base coat of our first color choice (spray the color you want the lace cut out to be first.) We let it dry while we went inside to cut out patterns from my old table cloth. Once the tiles were dry I used a spritz of repositionable spray adhesive on the back of the lace and adjusted where on my tiles I wanted the patterns to be. Once all the lace was laid out on the tiles, we took our second choice paint color and sprayed away! I recommend letting the second color coat dry a bit before pulling the lace up… I pulled mine up to early and it smudged some. After that I did a quick top coat of clear to help prevent from scratches and chips and voila! These have such a pretty Vintage look to them! I LOVE the color choice Leeann picked out. The Red just pops!


I still have to ad some felt to the bottom of the tiles to prevent from scratching the table top… but I am definitely looking forward to making a few holiday related ones. My eye is out for some Halloween type lace… some spider webs would be super cool 🙂 Same for some pretty gold/silver/red Christmas ones!

Cat in the Hat Party – Cake, Treats, Goody Bags & Games!

Tristin’s 3rd Birthday Party was for the most part a success! Even though the Ice and Tables both showed up about an hour late… none of the kiddos seemed to mind! They went right into playing with toys, bubbles, finger paints, and snacking on yummy treats! I on the other hand felt like a chicken running around with my head chopped off! Thank goodness I decided ahead of time that I was only going to serve deserts and goodies vs a full blown meal, we had the party around 2pm and it worked out just fine!

The Treats!

Or as I like to call it… the spread… Along with Cup Cakes and one crazy adorable Cake; Tristin helped me make Jello cups with marshmallows and whip cream, Marshmallow pops with red chocolate drizzled on to look like the Cat in the Hat’s Hat, and Chocolate Pretzels! And some good old Green Eggs and lastly some Red (strawberry) and White (banana) Skewers for the Cats Hat. (These were a HUGE HIT with the little kids!!!)

I almost forgot! Goldfish! I put them in cute little dollar store goldfish bowls on all the tables outside and inside. Very cute Idea… Tristin passed out the night of the party on couch holding one. He was so filthy from playing with bubbles and sand and all the finger painting! I had to snap a few pics before I wiped him down and put him in bed 🙂

The Cake – Oh my goodness I LOVED the cake!

My Girlfriend Jess helped me because lets face it, I can paint and draw anything… but ask me to bake something you expect to not only eat but present….forget it. HOWEVER I did make the darling little fish on the top of the cake, and the water drops coming off of the cake. All I used was a little kids Model Magic foam – non toxic and a sharpie pen to draw in the details once it was dry. Because I used such a large hunk of it… it took almost a week to dry, so I am super glad I couldn’t wait to make it and see how it came out, I put it together far ahead of time! Jess brought the Cake over a day in advance, and its ALL Tristin could talk about! He was so excited about the CAKE!

Goody Bags!

Okay so I searched and searched and searched Goodwills for copies of the Cat in the Hat book…. Took me weeks to get 2 copies and one copy of the Cat in the Hat Comes Back! Ugh! So I gave in and pulled any and all Dr. Seuss Books off the shelves! Then I went to good ole Michael’s and found these adorable canvas bags for a $1.00 each! Wahoo! I printed on iron on paper and voila goody bags! For the kids who RSVP’d to the party I personalized the bags with their names.  I also found some Dr. Seuss Hats, pencils and book marks, stickers, and some black and white suckers and I was set! I made a little thank you tag and put them in each bag saying ” I loved the cupcakes, and presents too… but my favorite part was seeing you! Thank you for making my 3rd Birthday Special! ❤ Tristin”

Games! – Sorry for the Fuzzy photo, it seems my little photographer has been handling the camera!

Who doesn’t love watching 2-3yr olds hopping around?! I came across some red pillowcases and thought this would be so cute to as Thing 1 Thing 2 sack Race for the kids! Super simple to make and instant party fun. Using Iron on patches I printed and ironed and instantly had something for the little ones of hop around it. Would be even more fabulous if I had some funky blue wigs!

The party was fun and Tristin celebrated for weeks… Lucky lil kid! Im super glad its over, and so sad at the same time! If anyone is interested in the stuff I created feel free to contact me… I’d be happy to pass it onto you, as I didn’t have the heart to toss any of the decorations… I boxed them up and there they sit!

Happy Birthday lil Man! (Tristin Blowing out his candles!)

Thing 1, Thing 2 – Party Topiary’s!

So! To start off in searching for DIY decorating Ideas for Cat in the Hat, I came across this darling idea of using flower pots, dowels and foam balls to make Thing 1 & Thing 2 Topiary’s as table center pieces for my Son’s 3rd birthday Party…. However I for the life of me cannot find the original blog post for this idea… I’d love to share the concept with the original maker of it, but I can’t find it anywhere. So I took photos of the steps I took in making these! (excuse my messy craft room…. its always piled high with ideas, and there never is much order to it :/) These are so darling, and simple to make, they can be used for any party or character theme!


Pots (6) : I did a few goodwill runs and found cheap flower pots on goodwill 50% off days, I made a total of 6 pots (3 sets of thing 1 thing 2) finding pots that were similar in size.

Foam Balls (6) : Good ole Michales crafts has them, and I also picked up some foam floral disks to use inside the pots. (If you have the time to check most dollar tree/stores have these as well and are almost always cheaper!

Tissue Paper, Dowels, White Acrylic Paint, Scissors, Red Spray paint, Red Confetti Paper, and Good ole Hot glue!


First I painted all my Dowels white and set them aside to dry. Then I prepped the pots 🙂 I used floral foam and cut it up into quarters or halves depending on the size of my pot, and shoved the foam firmly into the bottom of the pot just enough to hold the dowel firmly upright in the center. I used hot glue to fasten the foam into place. (this doesn’t have to be pretty by any means, it will be covered up with confetti paper later on.


Next in a well ventilated area, aka my back patio I set up a station to spray paint the pots! I did light layers of red about 3 coats worth till they were evenly painted. I did not worry about painting the insides of the pots as they will be filled with red confetti paper and won’t be seen.


Taking a dry dowel that I had previously painted white, I applied hot glue to the tip of the dowel and then gently pierced a foam ball and let it dry over a few seconds to seccure the dowel to the foam ( I repeated 6 times for each of my pots I planned on making). Then I took the tissue paper and cut it up first into squares and then into triangles. I personally liked the way the paper looked when crinkled in triangles vs squares. I took a photo for reference of how I was crinkling the paper.


Once I got the paper looking how I wanted it, I began hot gluing it to the foam ball, just a dab of hot glue and a second or 2 of firmly pressing it to the foam ball. If you are nervous about burning your fingers, you can used a metal sewing thimble on the finger you are pressing with to prevent burns 🙂 I did this 6 times for all the foam balls. (using about 25-30 sheets of tissue paper)

Using a round circle punch I punched out 6 circles and made 3 sets of thing 1 thing 2 labels to Hot glue to the pots.  To add a little more detail to them I edged them with a black ink pad and let them dry before gluing them to the red pots. From then I stuffed them all with red confetti paper and voila! I had myself some adorable and very cheap center pieces for the tables at my son’s birthday Party!


I will defiantly use this concept again for holidays or other themed parties in the future! Again this isn’t an original idea of mine, I found these online while randomly searching for Cat in the Hat decorations, and went with it.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Cards

In anticipation of My son’s 3rd Birthday Party I started working in Early January on Crafts for his big day! This year we went with Dr. Seuss! Tristin is thrilled, and any time we talk about him turning 3 he gets so excited and talks about his “Cat Hat Birfday Party!”.  We went with Cat in the Hat as his main party theme, a lot of people online went with a bunch of different Seuss books and mash them all into the party theme, but I have to limit my creativity, as my time is limited working full time now… I had such a wonderful time making these cards this year, and I was truly impressed with how well they turned out.  They are even better than I had imagined!!!


Starting with a vision in my head, I prepped and used 8.5×11 red card stock. Cutting it in half and scoring my cards. Making my card size 4.25 x 5.5 when folded in half. Using my Cricut, I cracked open my Cricut Craft room and selected an edge from one of my cartridges. In my case The diamonds worked out perfectly, I laid out the design to maximize the paper so not to waste card stock and hit cut. If you don’t have a Cricut, I personally think just plain white stripes would be equally adorable! After glueing on the diamond design, I decided I wanted to add a little more dimension and design to the card. So I pulled out a strait edge and a black marker and decided to add a little bit of a Seuss touch to it. Randomly applying thin black lines and occasionally breaking them up with a dot: _______.______   Although this processes was a little more time consuming than originally planed, I thought it was completely worth it!


Next I decided on the Cat in the Hat image I wanted to put on the Front. I found a PNG File online and used it in Photoshop to duplicate and print onto card stock. Laying them out evenly I printed them out, then using Cricut Craft Room I selected a frame that I liked and spaced it out the with the same sizes I used for printing the Cat in the Hat to card stock. Once they were all cut out, I decided to give it a little bit of a pop by edging it with black ink using an ink pad. ( I recommend letting each image you ink/edge to layout and dry before stacking them, to prevent ink from rubbing off and messing up other images) Once They were all edged and dried, I used Foam Adhesive stickers to give the image a little depth when adding them to the cards. I visually centered them with my eye and Stuck them onto the cards as seen below, if you have a difficult time with visual layout you are certainly allowed to mark the center of your cards 🙂


After applying The Cat in the Hat frame image to the front of each card, I felt it was missing something and not quite complete, so I pulled out some ribbon and decided to attach a little bow to the front of each card. After cutting and making enough bows for all my cards, I had run out of one ribbon type (but not color) so I just opened up another spool and went with it. I attached the ribbon with a dab of hot glue and positioned it right below the Cat in the Hat Framed image. ( To make it perfectly centered, I cut the tip of the framed cat image off with a pair of scissors so that the ribbon lay strait and not cock to one side.)  Finally I was completely in LOVE with the front of the cards…. now to decide what to do with the inside of the card!


I finally decided to scan in an image from the Cat in the Hat book, and make some edits to it and make the invite read similarly to the book! I searched online for other Cat in the Hat invites and pulled together other phrases people were using. In the end this is what we chose.

“You could not, should not, would not, want to miss a celebration quite like this! We know some good tricks, some good games we could play. Come join us to celebrate Tristin’s 3rd Birthday!

We’ll have cake and games and lots of fun treats, Presents and music and it’ll be oh so neat!

March is the month, the 24th is the date, (street # Streent Name, City and Zip)’s the Place. The party starts at 2:00pm, so please don’t be late!

Would you, could you come to play? Please ring or write us by the 15th day of March, and let us know either way! (email, or phone number)”

I really had so much fun working on this card, and Tristin Loves them. 🙂 I made about 36 of them, and they took me a few nights to finish, due to the fact that I put a lot of detail in them, and I didn’t know what I was going to do on the insides of them! I loved all the complements I got on them after sending them out! Can’t wait to top myself next year. If you have any questions on how I made these cards please don’t hesitate to ask! More posts to come on other Seuss, Cat in the Hat Party Decorations. 🙂

$8.00 Coffee Table Modern Takeover!

So my 2 big purchases this last weekend were the bar stool in my previous post, and this little beauty. I am quite positive that its original purpose was not “coffee” table… but a form of side table for people with big homes. We have a rather large sofa (and a tiny home) but a VERY awkward size spacing for a table to fit, and normal coffee tables just don’t work here. We were using a rather pretty iron based table… that my husband hates! So while we were shopping my husband rejected and rejected this table… in fact, we left without purchasing it. We went on our way to hit up the next goodwill and I huffed and puffed about it… not really I was just bummed that we didn’t by the table. I was so drawn to it! I am not sure if it was the color of it ( am a sucker for green things), the storage possibilities… I don’t know but I wanted it. While browsing another Goodwill, Tony said to me the only way he’d let me get the table was if we replaced the other “coffee” table with this one. I said “Deal!”, and by replace… I will gladly relocate the “old” table to make accommodations for this one!

Glad we went back when we did because there was another couple eyeing it! Eek! We swooped it up and lucky me brought it home. To be quite honest with you it fit in just fine in the living room as is. But I was totally drawn to this pin I found on Pinterest and tutorial on creating a shabby chic – vintage-esque type table. How ever she goes into far more detail… my piece was already painted… and has natural dings and pings… just needed to be cleaned up a bit. But I totally fell for the table top and legs being different colors. So I decided to ad a little modern to my aged piece.

I pulled out that paint can of black paint again left over from our Kitchen cabinets when we remodeled… and voila. A little sanding, and some painters tape I was on my way to a new look! (so sorry for the lighting in our house… that’s a huge project for another day…electrical…ugh.) I’ll add photos in the future during the day with more natural lighting. Also, I started this project after dinner… so my Husband and Son were winding down and I was smack dab in the middle of their relaxation mode.

For the metal hardware I used an old left over can of quick dry black gloss spray paint for metals. I was worried I’d run out… but I had just enough to get the job done! Quick short spray’s and it came out evenly.

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I think my next project will be some crafts for my Son’s Birthday Party coming up in March. If I don’t start now… nothing will get done. As my son says’ “Cat Hat Berf-DAY! I tweeeee!” He’s pretty excited for a Cat in the Hat party for his 3rd!

$4.99 Stool Makeover!

So every so often, usually once a month the boys and I have a little family time together and search for junk! It’s always fun and super cheap 🙂 Every other Saturday Goodwill has 50% off days! My husband was always into it… and I finally caved and went with him… we loved it and when we need a little family fun on a budget we go shopping! I found this Bar stool beauty at one of the local Goodwill’s and fell in Love. My Husband was against the purchase, and I swore I would redo it… “It’s easy!”  I said… in my mind thinking I was sure I could pull it off! He swore I wouldn’t do anything with it! In efforts to prove him wrong… we brought the stool home and 2 days later I got to work! (I would have had this completed in 1 evening had I not of fallen asleep “snuggling” with our 2 year old at 7:30! Waking up at 3 am & realizing I slept the night away… the bar stool project went on to day 2!)

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Really everything was very easy to do!

Using some old fabric, stapler, screwdriver, pliers, scissors, sandpaper,  a paint brush & left over paint…. I literally spent $4.99 on this! No added materials just left overs from projects before.

You can find my step by step in the slideshow above… (sorry for the viewer, I will have to search for a better one later on!)

On to another craft tomorrow!

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